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In recording deeds, the state of North Carolina does not require that the amount paid for a parcel be stated on the deed. However a tax stamp at the rate of $2 for every $1,000 in value is affixed to each deed.

Recent real estate transfers recorded in the Surry County Register of Deed’s office include:

– Estate of Betty Lou Tucker, Melva T. Spurrier, Betty Lou Tucker, David Raymond Tucker, Raymond David Tucker, Vickie Tucker, Martha Pfaff and Mike Pfaff to Davis Eugene Wall; 2.305 acres PB 41 13 Shoals estate of Betty Lou Tucker file 22 E 265; $650.

– SE 961 Mount Airy, LLC to Horst Filtzer; 0.91 acres PB 32 132; $2,791.

– Pattie Key Griffin Wall to Katherine Frances Pollock, Steven McKinley Pollock and Garrison Edward Pollock; tract one 1.406 acres PB 9 182 tract two 26.25 acres tract three 11.24 acres Pilot; $0.

– Redoak Development, LLC to Kacy Gail Draughn and Justin Michael Aman; 0.734 acres Mount Airy; $330.

– Billy Wayne Cook and Cynthia Rena Cook to Cynthia Rena Cook; quitclaim deed 2.0840 acres lot 5 Downy Brooke subdivision PB 14 120 Pilot; $0.

– Cynthia Rena Cook to Durabull, Inc.; 2.084 acres lot 5 Downy Brooke subdivision PB 14 120 Pilot; $56.

– Bobby Lee Moody to Bonson Allen Moody; tract three PB 28 173 Bryan; $0.

– H. Alden Snow, Penny Snow, Olivia Simpson, Larry R. Simpson, Richard D. Snow, Arlene Snow, Allen D. Snow, Joseph L. Snow, Melissa Snow, Christine L. Snow and Angie C. Snow to Rachel Hinson and Brett Hinson; 3.911 acres PB 19 81 Marsh; $30.

– Shadrach Dakota Newsome and Rachel Lynn Newsome to Johnny R. Marion, Donna B. Marion and Brian Hogan; tract; $180.

– County of Surry and Surry County to Redoak Development, LLC; tract one tract and tract two 0.46 acres 130 Rawley Avenue and Willow Street Mount Airy; $560.

– Phillip J. Nutt Sr. and Nancy D. Nutt to Zenaido Dominguez Macedo; 2.906 acres Mount Airy; $70.

– Robert J. Lovill III, Elizabeth J. Lovill and Allen J. Lovill to CMH Homes, Inc.; 0.86 acres lot 7 subdivision of Ring Creek PB 23 78; $42.

– Carole Snow Simpson to Lucas Ryan Fowler, Jarod Isaiah Fowler and Keegan Elias Fowler; 62 acres Eldora; $0.

– Stacey Ann Kirchner, Roy Dean Slate, David Wayne Slate, Tracy Slate, Jeffery Kirchner and Jeffrey Kirchner to John Joseph Flynn and Brenda May Flynn; 9/10 acres Mount Airy; $262.

– Imogene Shores Hardy to Deborah H. Branch; 0.839 acres tract one and 1.812 acres tract two and 0.335 acres PB 41 7 Dobson; $0.

– Renee Cranfill Hartman, Timothy Hartman and Christopher S. Medley to Teddy Aldean Medley; 0.139 acres tract one and 0.001 acres tract four and 0.067 acres tract five PB 41 14; $0.

– Mildred S. Beal to Gary Franklin Shelton II and Pamela Collins Shelton; 0.276 acres Mount Airy; $0.

– Mildred S. Beal to Michael David Beal and Margaret Legh Beal; .78 acres lot 22 section 2 Fairfield Forest PB 9 12 Mount Airy; $0.

– Janice H. Wilmoth to Stacy G. Hawks and Tangalina M. Hawks; tract one 3.54 acres tract two 5.879 acres Franklin; $674.

– Branco Properties, LLC to HPM3 Properties, LLC; 17.21 acres Mount Airy; $990.

– Denita Bernice Gillespie Trapp, Charles Robb Trapp, Katherine Elizabeth Beasley Gillespie, David Richard Gillespie II and Michelle Gillespie to Daniel W. Norman and Debra Norman; 3.295 acres PB 40 141 Dobson; $340.

– Kurt Jonathan Card to Michael Ray Fielders; lot 1 Jacob Branch property PB 4 105 Mount Airy; $120.

– Durabull Inc. to David P. Conrad and Karen E. Conrad; 2.0840 acres lot 5 Downy Brooke subdivision PB 14 120 Pilot; $82.

– Harold G. Allen and Sandra D. Allen to Maximiliano Soetermans and Meredith A. Soetermans; 0.360 acres tract three; $0.

– Harold G. Allen and Sandra D. Allen to Nikolas Max Soetermans and Sarah Michelle Soetermans; 2.5 acres tract two; $0.

– Richard Adam Gunter and Destiny Gunter to Julia Lane Parker Grant and Christopher Lee Galyean; lot 5 Pine Ridge Acres PB 7 28 141 Reid Flippin Street Mount Airy Stewarts Creek; $240.

– The Susan L. Fulk Living Trust and Susan L. Fulk to Anna Long Nichols; tract Pilot; $0.

– Joshua Ray Sammons and Jennifer Cox Sammons to Jennifer Cox Sammons; North Carolina quitclaim deed .57 acres lot 37 Pine Knolls PB 9 51 Pilot; $0.

– Jennifer Cox Sammons to Matthew P. Giuffre and Valerie R. Giuffre; .57 acres lot 37 Pine Knolls PB 9 51 Pilot; $450.

– Joseph Ferguson and Katie Ferguson to Zachary Puckett and Olivia Puckett; 1.304 acres PB 19 22 Longhill; $480.

– Beverly L. Grubaugh to Marty Gray Westmoreland; unit 212 Lakeview Condominium phase two bk 1 229-232, 239-241, 244, 245 and 249; $252.

– Manuel Contreras to Sonjay Aher and Sujata Aher; 1.21 acres Mount Airy; $820.

– Erikr Price and Samantha Deann Haynes to Guadalupe Castillo; tract Mount Airy; $190.

– Stephen Paul Daniel and Karla Daniel to Christopher Carl Kempton and Whitney Kempton; tract one 14.405 acres tract two 0.924 acres PB 36 89 Eldora; $1,300.

– Mary Alice Brewster to Brent Michael Jones and Kimberly Story Jones; tract one .52 acres and tract two 0.015 acres Pilot; $180.

– Shelby George Blevins II, Theresa Carole Blevins, Anita Maxine Helvey, Varney Lee Helvey, Don’l Franklin Blevins, Teresa Kay Blevins, Melinda Gay Cartwright, Joseph W. Cartwright, Preston Keith Blevins, Rebecca Ann Blevins and Doris Marie Farley to Salvatore Caccavale and Charlene Caccavale; tract; $840.

– George Robert Jenkins Jr. to Brandon Michael Pinnix; 2.311 acres Marsh; $0.

– Elbert V. Owens and Betty L. Owens to Elkin Farm, LLC; 50.49 acres; $900.

– Kenneth Edward Wall and Gayle Wall to Joey Lee Wall; tract one tract two 1 acre tract three 4.45 acres; $0.

– Joey Lee Wall and Doris Wall to Kenneth Edward Wall; three tracts; $0.

– Brian Gammons and Andi Gammons to Coy Lee Atkins; 1.01 acres Eldora; $0.

– Terri Gordon to David Ryan Gordon and Candice Munsell; 50.50 acres Rockford; $540.

– Tim Brymer, Timothy A. Brymer and Paula S. Brymer to Patrick Lee Stevens and Aubrey Marie Stevens; tract one tract and tract two 0.415 acres PB 4 150 Elkin; $710.

– Teresa T. McDonald, Ken McDonald and Kenneth Charles McDonald to Rex Hadley Edwards and Cindy Darken; 0.54 acres Elkin; $685.

– William J. Pence and Linda F. Pence to David C. Rogers and Geraldine Rogers; 2.363 acres; $1,019.

– Joseph Samuel Gentry Jr. and Susan Hamlin Gentry to Ruth Ann Gentry Rigaud; two tracts; $0.

– Michael Gray Easter to Stetson Cruise Zebulon Easter and Michael Gray Easter; tract one .50 acres tract two tract; $0.

– Keith C. Flouhouse and Ann R. Flouhouse to Ronald Keith Earnest and Evelyn Earnest; tract one 1.973 acres lot 7 tract two 3.940 acres lot 8 tract three 1.807 acres lot 1 tract four tract PB 10 48 Mount Airy; $2,300.

– Shree Jalaram Bhoomi, LLC to Crystal Schneider Heis, William George Ingram, Laura Brooke Ingram, Mike Heis, Bill Ingram and Michael Joseph Heis Jr; 50.027 acres tract one and 23.485 acres tract two PB 41 5-6 Marsh; $580.

– Elizabeth J. Hauser, Richard D. Hauser, Preston Joyce and Frankie Joyce to Tonda Renee Phillips; tract South Westfield; $700.

– Imogene Shores Hardy to Hardy Farms of Dobson, LLC; five tracts Bryan; $0.

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