Race Car Mechanic Jobs

If you work as a race car mechanic, you have to be able to maintain the race cars, do troubleshooting where there is a problem, repair or replace broken parts to keep the cars fit for taking part in races. Depending on where you work, some garage do cars for NASCAR events, some provide modification services for both competition cars and individual’s stock car, here you need to know the technical details on how to increase the overall performance of various cars.

The working components of a race car can be very complicated, with many different makes and models of race vehicles on the track and street it can adds more complexity to the work on the cars. While some of race car mechanics learn the trade by serving as an apprentice, I strongly advice you invest in getting an education on automotive mechanics program. You will need to learn the basics which is how to repair engine, brake systems, electrical systems, suspension, heating and air condition.

Next, you have to acquire knowledge on race engine construction, body and aero-dynamics application, chassis set-up and fabrication, body panel fabrication, engine tuning and dyno testing. These are more specialize area where you might not need to know them all but mastering a few or one area will differential you from a total newbies.

List of Places to get a Course on Automotive Programs

  • NASCAR Technical Institute
  • University of North Carolina Charlotte
  • Catawba Valley Community College’s East Campus in Hickory, North Carolina
  • Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSCT) currently certifies a number of automotive and diesel technology schools

Opportunities working in race car mechanic jobs are quite limited, you can start by contacting your school’s job placement service to arrange a position, volunteering to work for a race car team for free to gain some experience and make some friends there, check race cars magazine for job ads and you can send your resume to the garage that specializes in certain racing event.

List of popular racing events

  • Stock car racing is very popular in North America, an example is Daytona 500 and NASCAR is the largest governing body.
  • Drag racing involves using a purpose built vehicle to complete a quarter mile race in the shortest time possible, this sport was started by National Hot Rod Association.
  • Drifting involves racing with the car running side way losing traction on the wheel through the turns. A popular movie was even made on this motorsport called “The Fast and the Furious”.

The average pay scale is about $25,000 a year depending on experience and level of skill. While a master mechanic can earn up to $70,000 or more a year.

A race car mechanic is required to have mechanical aptitude, strong problem solving abilities, attentive to small details in your work, able to complete task under stress and work as a team with others. You will be working in drafty, noisy and sometime dirty environments, lifting heavy parts and tools, fixing a problem in an awkward position. On certain occasions, you will have to work outdoors under the hot sun or get wet in the rain.

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